Published by Shyre Published on August 11, 2017

Yes, it has indeed been a while. And in all honesty, I could be ashamed of myself for letting this blog die. But here I am— I am back in action. A lot has happened the few last months; some things I would rather not disclose since the memories would come back and make me feel like nothing again, so I’m going to keep my details as minimalistic as possible.

You can see that this blog has no longer posts from before. I decided to install a new wordpress since I was not satisfied with my current one anymore and it didn’t let me update it so uh… yeah time to start anew I guess.

To my dismay, I forgot to make a backup and so I lost who was all affies with me but I think I’m going to look around until I found those I can still remember.

Okay, you may find other things under the cut, most likely real life stuff but it’s worth reading it if you are curious about the previous happenings.

From the upper side: I have officially graduated! Yes, I am now an official media designer; incredible, don’t you think? Man, I still can’t believe it honestly… it feels like a god damn dream but… here I am. I was really struggling and doubting myself but here I am!

Now, it’s time to look for a job and this is hard if your province is like offering NOTHING for the profession you have spent three times of training for. Really tiring, my my…

Anyways, I am single again and it turned out that my boyfriend was a piece of shit that plays with people’s feelings and only wants to receive rather than give. Man, did I cry? Nah, not at all. It basically helped me getting in good terms with a good friend again. Why? Well, the story is not really meant for the public so I’d rather to not talk about it.

Aside from this, I got rid of some emotional pain that has been sitting on me since the end of January. Since the beginning of July, I am enjoying my single life again and I couldn’t be any happier. I don’t really need a significant other, and if they come, they come. I just don’t want those fuckers that break up with me just because they think that a relationship is nothing but stressful if I haven’t done anything that would tear us apart, honestly.

Anyways, my hard drive decided to go dead on me at the end of July so I had to get myself a new one. Really painful since I lost EVERYTHING that I have hoarded for the last 4+ years.

There’s so much more to tell you but… I’ll keep this for the future posts. I don’t want to tell everything at once so… for now, you’ll be satisfied with this here.

Have a good one, yall!

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